Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Gospel International University

Bachelor of Biblical Studies


Associate Degree or equivalent.


  • Minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Maximum Advanced Standing: 8 hours


Tuition Free

APU does not charge tuition based on credit hours. In order to remain sustainable, APU charges small processing fees for application, and learning assessment. Financial aid is also available.

  • Onetime application fee: $50
  • Learning Assessment and technology fee: $75 monthly.

Textbooks NOT included

Financial Aid is available
To apply for financial aid:

  • You have to be admitted into APU,
  • You must fill out a financial aid application.

Required Courses

  • BTH300 Acts
  • BTH301 Old Testament Books of Poetry
  • BTH302 Epistles of Paul I
  • BTH303 Epistles of Paul II
  • BTH304 Romans
  • BTH305 Systematic Theology I
  • BTH306 Systematic Theology II
  • BTH307 Church History
  • BTH308 1 Corinthians
  • BTH309 Spiritual Warfare and Diving Healing
  • BTH310 Field Ministry
  • BTH401 Systematic Theology III
  • BTH402 General Epistles
  • BTH403 Revelation
  • BTH405 Genesis
  • BTH406 Old Testament – Major Prophets
  • BTH407 Old Testament – Minor Prophets
  • BTH408 Hebrews
  • BTH409 Biblical Preaching
  • BTH410 Christian Worship